Facet Analytical Services and Technology LLC

FACET LLC develops solid dose water determination technology

FASTRATEā„¢ Titration Standards for Water Determination

Solid Dose Calibrator for Karl Fischer Titration

Facet Analytical Services and Technology, LLC (FAST) is introducing the future of volumetric Karl Fischer titrations with a calibration standard in solid dosage form. This novel standard by its form and composition reduces variability introduced by analyst technique and increases throughput. Fastrateā„¢ tablets can be formulated to customer specifications for water content and packaged in diverse presentations. Unit dose packaging preserves sample integrity and eliminates cumbersome use of a syringe or weigh boat during dispense. Instrument calibration is simplified and more repeatable because transfer time and exposure of vessel contents to foreign moisture are reduced. Fastrate can be used as a check standard throughout a run and facilitates complete automation of the measurement since the delivery mechanism is the same for both standard and sample.

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