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Titration Standards

Single Use, Pre-concentrated Water Standard

Moisture content determination is an important measurement affecting agricultural products, properties of petroleum, pharmaceutical and food stuff stability, plastic production yield, and paper products.  Accurate and quantitative standard addition is essential in determining results used to make processing decisions

FASTRATE™ Tablets for Titre Determination

convenient easy-to-use tablet

FASTRATE™ Titration Standards

FACET Analytical has developed FASTRATE™ calibration standards, for use in Karl Fischer titrations.  FASTRATE™ is a single use tablet, pre-concentrated to specific moisture content for instrument calibration and titration of water in substances.  More precise and quantitative standard addition is achieved because the cumbersome use of syringe and injection and bulk powder delivery of standards to the vessel, are replaced with a single hand transfer of the tablet through the sample port.  Differences in technique are minimized and instrument calibration is simplified and more repeatable because transfer time and exposure of vessel contents to foreign moisture are reduced

  • simplified and repeatable instrument calibration

Since FASTRATE™ can be formulated and pre-packaged to a specific moisture concentration, lengthy and variable sample preparations are eliminated

  • unit dose packaging eliminates individual standard preparations

FASTRATE™ meets the moisture content required by regulatory guidelines.  Since the FASTRATE™ standard is a solid dosage form, the tablet is an ideal candidate for a fully automated titration method

  • ideal for fully automated method

FASTRATE™ Unit Dose Titration Standards for Simplified and Repeatable Water Determination