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FASTRATE™ and Coventional Water Standards

Do you have specific questions about FASTRATE™ or Karl Fischer titration?  To find the answers, scroll through the questions below.  If you cannot find your answers, please contact us at 941.505.7814 or by visiting our contact page.

What are the advantages of FASTRATE™ over conventional titration calibration standards currently in-use today?

  •  FASTRATE™ is formulated to a specific moisture concentration and packaged in single-use packaging, eliminating sample preparations that can vary from replicate to replicate.
  • A tablet is easier to manipulate.  The dispensing mechanisms for conventional standards are difficult and can lead to increased assay variability due to uncontrolled ingress of foreign moisture or residual standard unaccounted for during transfer into the vessel.

What are the applications of FASTRATE™?

FASTRATE™was originally designed to be used as a calibration standard in a completely automated method with the same delivery mechanism and like matrices for standard and sample in solids applications.  Since then, customers have requested tablet standards for coulometric and high water content/homogenizing applications.

Industries Summary:
  • Flavours and fragrance
  • Nutritional supplements and botanicals
  • Energetic Chemicals, Flammables, Explosives
  • Industrial plastics
  • Food science and personal care products
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Renewable energy
  • Pharmaceutical

Does FASTRATE™ improve compliance?

  • FASTRATE™ complies with USP Pharmacopeial Standard <921> Water Determination for water content in the specimen under test.
  • Tablets packaged in single-use foil pouches preserve sample integrity and instrument calibration is simplified and more repeatable, resulting in more accurate determinations of moisture content during analyses.
  • In the fully automated method, FASTRATE™ can be used as a check standard since the tablet would be introduced into the titration vessel by the same mechanism as the sample.

What can I expect when using FASTRATE™ during instrument calibration?

  •  FASTRATE™ works in the same way as conventional calibration media.  The water content reported on the CofA should be recorded by the instrument prior to titration of the standard.
  • Upon delivery into the vessel, FASTRATE™ tablets will dissolve and breakup immediately.  The medium should be agitated to ensure rapid and distinct end point determination.  More details are available on our Instructions for Use page.
  • Some residual suspension will remain after end point determination.  This observation is expected.
  • A color change typical with the volumetric Karl Fischer method will continue to be observed when the end point is reached.

FASTRATE™ Unit Dose Titration Standards for Simplified and Repeatable Water Determination