Facet Analytical Services and Technology LLC

Instructions for Use

Volumetric Titration of Solid Dosage Forms

FASTRATE™ is a reference standard intended for the titre determination and determination of water in a substance via the Karl Fischer method. The exact amount of water is provided in the Certificate of Analysis that is provided with each lot.  Caution – Reference Standard for use in analytical testing.  Not for human use.  Store at room temperature (15ºC to 30ºC), away from moisture.  Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for information about this product.

  1. Prepare titrator, capable of conducting titrations, semi-automatically or automatically
  2. Setup and calibrate the titrator using FASTRATE™ as the standard.  Enter the water content reported on the Certificate of Analysis as required by the method
  3. FASTRATE™ will begin to dissolve immediately upon delivery into the vessel.  The working medium should be agitated (e.g. stir bar).  After approximately 5 seconds, the tablet will begin to break apart and dissolve to a suspension in the solvent
  4. Titrate each replicate to end point until method acceptance criteria are met