Analytical Titration Uses

FASTRATE™ standards could be utilized in volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titrations, low moisture determination, and oven systems. FASTRATE™ can be used to perform calibrations, preventative maintenance, and in process standard checks. FASTRATE™ moisture contents have also been designed to assist in high water content and large dosage forms analysis for products requiring homogenizers such as nutraceuticals.

Instructions for Use

FASTRATE™ is a reference standard intended for the titre determination of water in a substance via the Karl Fischer method. The exact amount of water is provided in the Certificate of Analysis that is provided with each lot. Caution – Reference Standard for use in analytical testing. Not for human use. Store at room temperature (15⁰C to 30⁰C), away from moisture. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) below for information about this product.

  1. Prepare titrator, capable of conducting titrations, semi-automatically
    or automatically
  2. Setup and calibrate the titrator using FASTRATE™ as the
    standard. Enter the water content reported on the Certificate of
    Analysis as required by the method
  3. FASTRATE™ will begin to dissolve immediately upon delivery
    into the vessel. The working medium should be agitated (e.g.
    stir bar). After approximately 5 seconds, the tablet will begin to
    break apart and dissolve into a suspension in the solvent.
  4. Titrate each replicate to end point until method acceptance
    criteria are met

Some residual suspension will remain after end point determination. This observation is expected.
A color change with the volumetric Karl Fischer method will continue to be observed when the end point is reached.