Proficiency Testing


FACET LLC develops consolidated packaging for coordination of multi-site Proficiency Testing.  Complete packaging systems available  for analyte distribution to US and OUS laboratories at designated testing intervals.

  • Reduce multiple packaging configurations to standard solutions for transporting ampoules, vials, and other analytes to the testing site
  • Using process automation to harmonize monthly/quarterly analyte distribution
  • Decreasing packaging costs and time of assembly

Proficiency Testing Packaging Solutions

Our scientists have experience developing one-step combination kits for multiple tests at a single site. For Category A/B Substances, proper transportation and site specific shipping requirements are worked into the manufacturing and packaging processes. Semi-automated labeling and real-time printing of variable information capabilities such sequential numbering and sample identification. FACETLLC can design specialized packaging able to handle cold storage or in-transit temperature requirements.


Proficiency Testing Kitting


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