Simulated Medication

First Responders

  • Assortment of simulated medications and kits replicating products used by EMS/EMT/Fire
  • Developed to practice dosing and administration techniques to build core skills and reduce medication errors

Nursing Education

  • Simulated drug products for the training and education of clinicians and nurse practitioners in┬ácardiac arrest, airway obstruction, and other life-threatening medical emergencies
  • More effective, hands-on training for Healthcare Professionals using real-life dosing and administration scenarios

Pharmacy Compounding

  • Formulations representative of drug product physical characteristics and prescribing information
  • Providing pharmaceutical experience to create accurate and realistic placebo medications to enhance curricula and develop skills in dosing and administration during hands-on simulation scenarios
  • Instructors can easily meed the simulated component per ASHP standards and realistically simulated actual pharmacy practice


Compounding Simbase