Dry Products

Bulks and Powder Blends

  • Repackaging of bulk formulations in Unit Dose or Unit of Distribution Container
  • Dry powder filling in vials, bottles, ampoules, and more
  • Control Samples and Reference Standards for Analytical Laboratory Use
  • Development of bulk powder blends
  • Color Indicating formulations
  • Secondary packaging in Kits for interplant distribution, long term storage, and stability programsDry Formulation Vials

Solid Dosage Forms

  • Tablet production ≈ 22000/hour
  • Direct compression, B-tooling, embossing and debossing available upon request
  • Custom powder formulations, shapes, colors, and physical properties depending on requirements
  • Individually packaged in foil, clear cellophane or color coded pouches
    • Fixed and Variable printing, logos, linear, and 2D barcoding
  • Bulk Bottle packaging with full color private labeling