Liquid Filling

FACET® has manual and fully automated processing capabilities to support filling services in a wide variety of container/closure systems from serum vials and infusion bottles to fluid delivery bags, in plastics, glass, syringes, and more. FACET® liquid manufacturing offers formulation development or repackaging of client provided bulk solutions. Project requirements dictate process scale, where production lines are modular, allowing for multiple products to be manufactured simultaneously for fast turnaround times.

Fully Automated Monobloc Processing for Pharmaceutical, Medical, Chemical, and Laboratory Applications


  • Processing capabilities: 0 mL – 500 mL, +/- 0.5%
  • Complete integration of filling, stoppering, and sealing on a single platform
  • ~75 units/min
  • Small Vial filling 2 mL – 20 mL, threaded or crimp cap
  • Serum Vial or Bottle, USP Type I, II, or III
  • Clear or Amber glass
  • Large parenteral infusion bottles, 30 mL – 500 mL
  • Pharmaceutical stoppering (2-leg lyo, igloo, plug, serum)
  • 13 mm, 20 mm, and 28 mm crimp seal with color coding options
  • 3-piece tear-off and tamper evident seals


Plastic Serum Vials

  • PP, PET, LDPE and HDPE rigid container filling
  • 3 mL – 120 mLPlastic Vial Liquid Filling
  • 13 mm and 20 mm finishes
    • Child Resistant caps available
  • Reconstituted dry product filling in oval, amber, graduated, assembled bottles
  • FACETLLC scientists can assist customers with polymer suitability and liner compatibility
  • Excellent alternative to glass, light-weight without breakage, good chemical resistance, reduced shipping costs
  • FACETLLC works with clients to design custom bottles and caps when needed for specialized application, container/closures are manufactured to specification prior to fill/finish, and delivery of complete product


Prefilled SyringesDisposable Syringes

  • 3 – 50 mL plastic, graduated, luer-lock or slip, disposable syringes
  • Automatic syringe filling for 10 mL disposable syringes
  • 1.5 mL glass prefilled syringe delivery system with fixed needle and safety shield
  • Prefilled glass safety syringe delivery system
  • Printed graduations and product labeling options available



Fluid Delivery Bags

  • Single, 2-port, or Multi-port bagsFilling Fluid Delivery Bags
  • Develop Liquid Formulations or Ready-to-use Diluents
  • Eliminate manipulations and reduce errors with Premix Formulations
  • Low to High viscosity solutions
  • Automated bag filling 0 mL – 5 L
  • Labeling or direct printing on the container
  • PVC, Tube sealing and segmenting with RF welding
  • Companion Overwrap Packaging for protection prior to use


IV / Infusion Products

  • Large Volume Parenteral Bottles, 100 mL – 300 mL
  • Dry product filling also available for reconstitution by end-user
  • Integrated vertical hanging labels and printed folding cartons with full color printing
  • External plastic hangers available
  • 20 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, and 32 mm neck openings
  • 3-piece tear-off, tamper evident, flip off seals

irrigation bottles

For projects requiring large volume fills of 250 mL – 1000 mL FACETLLC offers a natural or amber plastic irrigation bottle. This container closure utilizes a double-seal interlocking cap making it leak resistant without a liner. They also come with graduations on one side and a display panel for brand identification and product labeling. These bottles can be manufactured with Polypropylene or HDPE material.