White Papers

Improved Training for Healthcare Professionals Using Simulated Medications

Medication errors, significantly contribute to patient morbidity and mortality outcomes. Factors include lack of knowledge and training in the preparation and delivery of high-alert medications, blood and blood products. The development of accurate and realistic simulated medications is vital to providing healthcare training programs with a safe, disposable, and affordable way to integrate hands-on training using real-life dosing and administration scenarios. Read More »

Pre-concentrated Tablets for Use as a Calibration Standard in Karl Fischer Titration

An improved standard would be a single use, prepackaged tablet with defined water content. The proposed tablets are expected to have consistency in water content and the convenience of a pre-prepared unit dose standard. Stability, calibration with and without weigh-by-difference, and standard check analyses using pre-concentrated tablets with 2 mg to 25 mg of water content is presented. Read More »

Solid Dose Calibrator for Karl Fischer Titrations

This article discusses the advantages of using a tablet as a standard for Karl Fischer titrations, and compares the results obtained using a tablet standard with those from two other commercial standards based on other delivery systems. Read More »